Hi there and welcome to 1.21 Geekawatts: the Web Page!  I’m your host (both on the website AND on the podcast) Brad Barton.  The podcast, website, and associated social media channels are all meant to shine a spotlight on the aspects of geek pop culture that I think are cool and noteworthy and should be celebrated.  I’m referring to movies, TV, comics, games, theme parks, and more.  If all that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place!  And I intend to do that not only by bringing you interviews with the creators of said nerdly awesomeness, but also with a series of rotating segments and features on the podcast that take a deep dive into a specific geeky topic.

As I write this, my partner-in-production David Sisko and I are close to wrapping up year one of the podcast, and I'm very proud of everything we've accomplished so far!  I've had the pleasure of interviewing some fantastic guests, creating some fun segment content with friends and family members, all while being the beneficiary of Sisko's tremendous audio work.  He's not just great at what he does behind a mixing board, but he's also a good friend and an amazing cheerleader.  I also want to give a shout-out to Paul Lyren who allowed Sisko and I to badger him into creating the super-cool 1.21 Geekawatts logo.  (Can YOU name all the nerdy logos represented?  Perhaps a future blog entry will contain the answer key!)  Paul's design helped inspire the look of this website which was designed by Heather Kern at Popshop Studio.  (Need any design work?  Contact her.  Now.)  Let's also give it up for nerd rock band H2Awesome who composed the show's theme song!  I love those guys to death and can't wait to share the interview we did together.  It's coming up on an episode of the podcast soon!  Last but not least I'm a lucky guy to be married to Lulu French, a women who encourages/allows me to spend the time to create all of this content in the first place.  She's the best!

I'm arguably most grateful to you dear listener/reader for taking the time to check out 1.21 Geekawatts!  I love wallowing around in this geeky stuff and doing so with others.  There's so much remarkable nerdy stuff out there to consume, there's no way for me to keep up with it all.  So if you'd like to see something specific covered on the podcast or website, let me know!  The feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

May the Force be with you,

-- Brad